“Inside The Gates”

Inside The Gates

The Other Gate

It is not uncommon for one statement to have different meanings. It’s always a matter of context and at times even perspective can give the same word or words different meanings.  Today, in the Anacostia community we have been introduced to a different meaning of the same words within the same community. “Inside the Gates” has long been known for the Summer League Basketball that takes place at The Goodman League courts.

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On a steamy summer night in the Southeast corridor of the city I found a community event that has been going strong for the past 20 years. When you look around you can see friends who have grown up in this familiar place. The atmosphere feels like family. You will undoubtedly encounter some people that perhaps you don’t know personally, yet they will talk to you as if you have been here always. What a sense of community and pride it is to experience the feeling “Inside the Gate”!


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Approximately 1/4 mile away “Inside the Gate” has a different meaning.  The other “gate” is the home of the Children of Mine Youth Center.  It is a safe haven for youth from the ages of 4-17, where mentoring, learning and youth development takes place.  For over 30 years COMYC has been an important part of the Anacostia community by providing food to families, resources for the homeless and a safe haven for children.

Children of Mine Youth Center
Children of Mine Youth Center

There is one clear message that echoes “Inside the Gates” from both perspectives and it is simply this… Service to the community, and being a community is important to both. The reputation and long standing commitment to the Anacostia community demonstrates their passion, love and devotion to making the world a better place. “Inside the Gates” may mean different things at each specific location, but their purpose is the same!

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A big thanks to  Commissioner Miles, Newt, The Goodman League family and D.C. Parks and Recreation.

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“The Cost of Real Love is No Charge”





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